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Don’t Poison the Well

Big Ed here. Like so many others, I am saddened and distressed by what’s going on in America following the tragic, senseless death of George Floyd. This man in his mid-life died far too young. His pointless death at the hands of Minneapolis police, his family’s agony and the uprising that has followed are awful.

You may not be familiar with the phrase, ‘poisoning the well.’ Today, this metaphor is commonly linked to being’ critical of the person rather than their argument.’ In ancient times it was a military practice of an enemy poisoning wells in a city before a battle to weaken the citizen’s ability to resist invasion. Both meanings are appropriate in describing where I stand on the events shaping our country today.

I stand with the protesters. Their righteous protesting following Mr. Floyd’s death is a genuine attempt to seize the moment to effect a change for the better. To enable this tragedy to bring a lasting result that makes America better. I’ve had enough. I never want to see this act repeated in my country ever again.

In recent days, what started as genuine protest has now opened floodgates to riots. Not civil disobedience but senseless destruction; robbing, stealing, murderous attacks on people protecting their own property and the property of others. I do not stand with rioters. Not now, not ever. These rioters are ‘poisoning the well.’ If allowed to continue America the Beautiful will be no more. I couldn’t stand that. My friends wouldn’t want that. Our children don’t deserve that.

George Floyd didn’t die in vain. His memory will stand tall and stand long for improving one very important aspect of life in America; lightening the heavy hand of justice for all.

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