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Join the 50 Cent Challenge

Big Ed here with a special request to all of my special friends. Please help me right now by helping a great organization, Special Compass Power Buddies.It’ll take you less than a minute, so please do this right now.

    1. Drop to the floor and do 5 push-ups.
    2. Then stand up and do 5 squats.
    3. Now click this link and donate 50 cents, a dollar, or any amount to Special Compass Power Buddies.

Special Compass Power Buddies is a really super organization based in Florida that does amazing work with so many people. People who through no fault of their own have limited abilities. This all-volunteer team works with their ‘buddies’ to push their limits in so many ways, strive for personal greatness and most importantly, accomplish their dreams. Their message:You can do anything if you put your mind to it. Plus, every donation is put to work in programs – no staff salaries because everyone is a volunteer at Special Compass Power Buddies.


A big special shout-out to every one of my friends who helps.