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Help Me Eliminate Bullying

Those of you that follow me know I take a hard stance on bullying. Having grown up with Klippel Feil Syndrome (KFS) --a rare congenital disorder that caused several of the vertebrae in my neck to fuse together, resulting in a much shorter neck than the average person-- I’ve been a target for bullying my entire life. 

It needs to be known that bullying can have lifelong effects. After enduring years of body shaming as a kid, being labeled “No Neck Ed”, I’m speaking from personal experience when I tell you that this behavior can have lifelong effects. And with the notoriety that has come from my appearances in Before the 90 Days90 Day Fiance, the name calling and body shaming have only resurfaced, this time taking place largely in the digital space. 

In fact, as of today, exactly 3,478,364 people have told me to go F myself. But the good news? 3,478,365 of you told me you love me - a total difference of exactly one. So more people love me than want me to F myself... I think I’m doing pretty good here! 

But in all seriousness, I have, thankfully, learned to love myself over time. And now that I have a voice, I’m using that voice to take a public stance against bullying and spread the message to children and adults everywhere tolove yourself, love each other and be nice. 

Love yourself, love each other, and be nice.